Requesting Approval for Improvement Projects

This web page defines rules for Homeowners living in The Enclave subdivision to follow in requesting and obtaining approval for Improvement Projects on their property.

The legal authority governing all improvements or modifications on Homeowner property is the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for The Enclave Subdivision filed in the Property Records of Travis County, Texas.

The Covenants, along with the other Governance Documents, are accessable in PDF format in the Governance Docs page of this website.

What Improvement Projects Must Be Approved By The Enclave Homeowner Association?
Article V, Section 4. of the CCRs reads, in part:

No Living Unit or other improvements (including, without limitation, garages, swimming pools, streets, driveways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, landscaping, fences, walks, fountains, statuary and flagpoles, but excluding improvements interior to a Living Unit unless such interior improvements will be visible from a public street) shall be constructed nor shall any such Living Unit or other improvements be modified or altered, without prior written approval of the Construction Committee or Modifications Committee, as appropriate.

What Steps Should Be Followed to Get an Improvement Project Approved?

  1. The Homeowners should talk with one or more construction contractors about the project they want to undertake. The Homeowners should make it clear to the contractors that the project will have to be reviewed and approved by a Committee of The Enclave Homeowner Association before any work on the project may begin. The Association will condition approval for the project on the Contractor obtaining all building permits required for the construction project from the City of Austin. The Homeowners should work out the design details of the project with their contractor(s), including dimensioned drawings, exact location on the property (with attention given to appropriate set-back from property lines), materials to be used, and (of course) cost of the project.
  2. When the details of the Improvement Project have been negotiated and agreed upon between the Homeowners and their Contractor, the Homeowners should provide a complete copy of the plans for the proposed project, along with a filled-out and signed copy of the Modifications Review Committee (MRC) Approval Application form, and deliver the package to our Property Manager, Carmen Glassinger, at Goodwin Management, Inc. The MRC Approval Application form is available for download here. The documents may be delivered in person, by mail, by e-mail, or by fax. The cost of the project need not be included with the plan package, as this information is between the Homeowners and their Contractor.
  3. The Property Manager will distribute copies of the MRC Application and project plans to the members of the Modifications Review Committee for their review. The review process typically takes 7 to 10 days to complete. (No review should exceed 15 days.) The Homeowner's and Contractor's contact information should be included on the documents, so questions that arise in the course of reviewing the plan can be answered promptly. In the event that the MRC fails to either (i) approve or disapprove Plans submitted to it, or (ii) request additional information reasonably required, within 15 days after submission, the plans shall be deemed disapproved.
  4. Approval or disapproval of the project plan will be given to the homeowner in writing when the review process is completed. Any disapproval will state the specific reason or reasons for such disapproval.
  5. Approval expires one-year from the date on the approval letter. Should the Improvement Project be deferred, or if additional work needs to continue after this one-year timeframe, an updated MRC form must be re-submitted for approval before work commences on the project at that time. An exception to this rule will be made if work by the original contractor or another contractor is being done to correct or repair a defect in the original project work, done under contractor's warranty or otherwise. No substantial changes from the original Improvement Project Plan design are allowable for corrective work or repairs to or to add additional elements or features to the project, without prior approval in writing from the MRC.


Download or print a copy of the MRC Approval Application (in PDF format) here.

Download or print a copy of the Requesting Approval for Improvement Projects document (in PDF format) here.

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