Addition of Signs Marking Trail Head to Upper Bull Creek Greenbelt Trail   (Date Posted: 04-27-2016)

Ms. Katie Harris is working with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department to place a sign marking the Trail Head located near the intersection of Topridge Dr. and Evening Primrose Path as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Parks and Recreation has approved her project. Installation of a Mutt Mitt dispenser at this location is also being considered. An educational sign will be installed further down the trail, and likely would not be visible from the street.

The land behind the bank of mailboxes on Evening Primrose extends back into the canyon formed by Upper Bull Creek. and this property is owned by the City of Austin, and managed by Austin Parks and Recreation. The Enclave is fortunate to have in our neighborhood one of three Trail Heads connecting to a walking trail that follows Bull Creek along the bottom of the canyon. The other Trail Heads are located on (1) what looks like a vacant lot on Calanish Park Dr. across from the Mountain View Park, and (2) about half-way up the steep grade on Scotland Well Dr.

See Katie Harris' Project Diagram here.


Important!   Announcing ... YAHOO Group for our neighborhood: TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo Group   (Date Posted: 05/16/2010)

The following email message was sent out after the Annual Homeowner Meeting on May 4, 2010 announcing the formation of TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo Group. This message was sent to every email address listed in the 2010 Homeowner Directory for The Enclave by homeowner, Ning Shaw.

Additional information about TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo Group can be found in the separate "Contents" topic YAHOO Group.

From: Ning Shaw
To: (Homeowner Email List)
Sent: Wed, May 5, 2010 8:15:24 PM
Subject: TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo Group

Hi Neighbours,

At last night's annual HOA meeting, there was a motion to create a Yahoo group to facilitate communication among neighbours - hence the creation of the TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo group.

The group's current security settings are:

  • Not listed in any public directory
  • Membership is invitation only - requests to join the group need to be approved by the group monitors
  • Only members, from their registered email address, can send emails to the group
  • Messages sent to the group need to be approved by one of the monitors before being distributed to the whole group

With these settings, we hope to limit the possibility of spamming.

I've sent an invitation for joining the group to all email addresses I gleaned from the 2010 HOA directory - the same list I'm sending this email to. If you haven't seen the invitation message, you might want to check your email tool's spam folder.

To send an email to the group, all you need to do is send it to But you'll have to do it using the email address you registered with the group. The group also has a home page at where members can post photos or upload files. The total size for free is 100GB which is a lot of space to fill. So if you have any vacation pictures to share, feel free to upload to the group and we'd love to see them :).

If you know some neighbours who are not on this email list, please spread the word and ask them to send an email to to request to join the group.

As of now, myself and Thanh Nguyen are the monitors of the group. Tim, our HOA president, may be a monitor too once he joins the group, unless he declines the prestige :).

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Ning Shaw
Your new neighbour at 9300 Evening Primrose

Re: TheEnclaveHOA Yahoo Group
From: Ning Shaw
Sent: Wed 5/05/10 8:28 PM
To: (Homeowner Email List)

I forgot to mention one thing. You don't need to have a Yahoo account to join the group and just use the email feature. But you do need one to use the web features such as view/upload files, photos, and see archived messages, etc.




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