Garden Committee - CURRENTLY DORMANT

The Garden Committee is currently dormant. It is designed to be a group of Enclave resident volunteers who are interested in gardening, and who (as a group) have taken responsibility for planting and caring for decorative plantings in the common areas of The Enclave neighborhood.  Garden Committee members also care for and maintain the crepe myrtles and other decorative shrubs in the common areas of The Enclave.  The Garden Committee has responsibility to care for only the decorative plantings in the common areas.  Lawn maintenance will continue to be the responsibility of a landscape service company hired under contract to cut and trim the lawn areas in The Enclave neighborhood common areas.

Homeowners interested in joining The Enclave Garden Committee are encouraged to contact  one of the officers for more information.  The Garden Committee's relationship to The Enclave Board is governed by a set of rules, and all members are required to sign a waiver of liability as a condition of membership.

Garden Committee Officers
Vacant   Chairperson
Vacant    Alternate Chairperson